Code of Ethics

We believe it is necessary to conduct ourselves in a highly ethical manner. Company investments, advice, and products should reflect the same. The following is our code for achieving this goal.

Survival: Our company, products, and the advice we give is designed to weather worst-case-scenario conditions for the survival and benefit of our own products and services.

Integrity: All of our dealings must be done with the utmost of integrity.

Fairness: Everyone must get a square deal. All of our dealings must be fair and good for our client, for our company, and the world.

Good stewardship: We are to be good stewards of the environment, our assets, and the projects that will provide value to our customers. We must not waste, destroy, or damage anything.

Responsibility: We have the opportunity to set an example and act responsibly within our business dealings. We will see to it that the companies with which we do business act responsibly.

Professionalism: Our products and services comes first, then the employee, and then our company—not the other way around—and in acting so we will ensure that we will be here for years to come.

Obsessive diligence: We will take radical action providing the highest level of services to the people and organizations with which we do business. Our people will work harder than at most companies.

Reputation: Company pride is a company asset of the highest value. We work hard to earn and keep it.

Multiplication: We are content with annual percentage returns but insist on creating earnings multiples.  We are multipliers and we will strive for our clients to realize gains that are conventionally thought to be unrealistic.

Exclusivity: To be the best, we must only hire the best. We will be highly selective in building our team and quick to dispatch those who do not meet our standards.

Creativity: To achieve earnings multiples, we must not only be at the forefront of expertise, we will foster and encourage new ways of thinking in everything.

Continuous Improvement: Every quarter we will improve every part of what we do in some way in constant and never-ending improvement.

Automaticity: In every part of our company, employee needs and company objectives must be aligned to achieve exceptional motivation.

Favoritism: We do play favorites. Promotion and advancement can be very rapid for our top producers.

Diversity: Diversity brings strength to the company. Everyone must be treated with respect and dignity.

Loyal teamwork: Unity is a must within our company. While it is difficult to get into our company, we will protect and defend each other, focusing defense and offense outside of the company

Technology: We embrace telecommuting, video conferencing, automation, and all other applications of technology that can set us apart from other firms as a better and more flexible employer.

Mentoring: Success coaching and mentoring is for all management, to continuously perform better.

Quality not quantity: Our annual production will remain within our selected limits to promote personalized service. We would rather have better quality than more quantity.

Learning & growth: We will continue our educations to stay at the very forefront of the very best industry academics. We will strive to anticipate needs so that we can develop services before they are needed.

Confidentiality: All information received by clients and coworkers will be treated as confidential information, and will always be treated with the utmost of privacy. All employees are under contracts of confidentiality.

Marketing: We will aggressively seek to expand our company.

Positivism: We will not speak negatively of our competitors. Better results are achieved by focusing on what we want than what we do not want.

Specificity: We will be meaningful and specific in everything. We will set goals, and then develop plans to achieve them. We will not be wandering or general.


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