Sustainability Statement

Setting an environmental example, you’ll find no leafy logos or other “greenwashing” attempts to make our company appear to be on the pseudo-environmental bandwagon. A look at any company’s actions will reveal its true colors.

Company CEO Ron Braatz is an avid outdoorsman. In fact, he enjoys the forest so much that he and his wife live in a beautiful log cabin in the lush woods of Wisconsin.

The company director who shares his name with the company, once lived in a national forest and spent his morning walks cleaning trails and has even taught college level courses on environmental sustainability. He owns solar panels and says, “Good business is good for people and the environment, and both should win. We practice stewardship. My scoutmaster taught me when I was a kid, ‘leave it better than you found it.’ That’s a good model for just about everything in life too.”

Another company director has personally donated to purchase thousands of fruit trees for an orphanage project in South America. Carlos has worked on projects in the past to create energy from waste and practices energy conservation. He says, “Energy conservation is smart. It saves money. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to see the common sense in that.”

Where we can, we seek to improve existing dairies by modernization to include healthier and more humane conditions for animals and workers alike. We seek to implement waste-to-energy systems such as methane digesters and water reclamation systems such as membrane filtration to clean up existing projects that we may acquire.

A portion of the earnings from each dairy operation is dedicated to improve its own local impact and make its micro-environment a cleaner place. This may include waste-to-energy, water reclamation, and exploration of various means to reduce odor, including methane reduction and reclamation, as well as “mob grazing” and other new ideas that are more profitable as well as healthier.

At present, more than 10% of our stock is owned by non-profit organizations and foundations and a portion of our gains will benefit an organization that is planting fruit trees to feed orphans. This is caring for humanity as well as helping to make our world a more beautiful place. Aside from helping people to eat healthier, trees planted in South America can produce year-round and do far- more good than trees in the North of the USA. We were planting trees before we worked here and with improved resources we will continue to plant more orchards because it is a cost-effective, sustainable and healthy way to feed people.


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