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We believe it is necessary to conduct ourselves in a highly idealistic manner. Company decisions should reflect the same. The following is our code of company culture for achieving this goal.

Frugality: We will be financially efficient and in all dealings. We travel less than most companies, and make use of technology to minimize expenses, especially fixed overhead and expenses outside of the value chain. We take frugality very seriously. 

Generosity: As individuals, we believe in being generous to widows and orphans, and teaching people to be financially responsible and self-sustaining. Philanthropy is not just for the most wealthy. We want those around us of all income levels to be givers too, even if in modest ways.

Survival: Our company, products, and the advice we give are designed to weather any economic conditions for the thriving and benefit of our own shareholders, products, and services. 

Good stewardship: We are to be good stewards of the environment, our assets, and the projects that will provide value to our customers. We will carefully manage everything to maximize every situation. 

Responsibility: We have the opportunity to set an example and act responsibly within our business dealings. We will see to it that the companies with which we do business act responsibly.

Professionalism: The products and services come first, then the employee, and then our company—this is different from most companies— and in acting so we will ensure that we will be here for years to come. This will be the measure for all decision making.

Exclusivity: For a high barrier to entry, new team members must either buy their way into the company with equity, earn their way into the company with outstanding production, persevere their way into the company with grueling efforts and training, or be invited into the company by way of their own outstanding track record, education, and areas of expertise. We recruit only the best to be our partners.

Protectiveness: Once in the company, we protect each other extensively, watching out for each other.  We watch each other’s backs and all protective efforts are turned outside the group.

Loyalty: We strive for long-term relationships in every business dealing. We are all willing to self-sacrifice for our partners and each other and we reward greatly those who do. Our bond of friendship within the company is long-term.

Confidentiality: We always maintain the strictest confidentiality, for our own internal protectiveness and for compliance with insider information laws.

Smorgasbord: We will provide to our partners a smorgasbord of products, roles, and career paths so that every partner may achieve self-actualization within the company.

Reputation: Company pride is a company asset of the highest value. We must work hard to earn and keep it. 

Health & Wellness: We encourage each other to take time and energy to optimize longevity and performance, especially through a healthy diet, activity, and rest. 

Family priority: Work will always be second to family. This includes mid-day ball games, date night, and piano recitals. Extended hours may be required occasionally but we will realign to protect our families in the future.

Multiplication: We insist on creating earnings multiples. We are multipliers, and we will strive for gains that are conventionally thought to be unrealistic within our industry.

Quantum Faithfulness: Individuals who are observed to do well with small things will be given responsibility in greater things.

Favoritism: We do play favorites. Promotion and advancement can be unusually rapid for our top producers. Top producers will be given more favor in many ways. We will thin the herd to keep ourselves strong.

Creativity: To achieve earnings multiples, we must not only be at the forefront of expertise, we will foster and encourage new ways of thinking in everything. 

Continuous Improvement: Every quarter we will improve every part of what we do in some way in constant and never-ending improvement. 

Find a way or make one: When given impossible tasks, we will either find a way to get them done, or we shall make a way. We will achieve the impossible.

Obsessive diligence: We will act obsessively and diligently providing the highest level of services to the good people and organizations with which we do business. Our people will work harder than those at most firms. 

Work hours: We work unusually hard during our self-specified work hours and in general do not work outside of these hours. Evenings, Sundays and holidays are set apart for rest and family. 

Automaticity: In every part of our company, employee needs and company objectives must be aligned to achieve exceptional motivation.

Chain of Command: At all times a clear chain of command will be followed, within a spirit of listening and the free exchange of ideas and information. All employees who want to keep their jobs will respect the chain of command.

Dictatorship: The appointed expert of the highest qualification available will gather input from the group, but will be accountable to the chain of command for final approval, and make each decision. 

Decision making: All decisions should be made swiftly and will only be visited once.

Diversity: Diversity brings strength to the company. Everyone must be treated with respect and dignity. 

Zero conflict: Conflict will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Individuals who wish to remain a part of the company will get along with the rest of the team. We will thin the herd aggressively to protect our continued internal tranquility.

Loyal teamwork: Unity is a must within our company. While it is difficult to get into our company, we will protect and defend each other.

Technology: We embrace telecommuting, video conferencing, automation, and all other applications of technology that can set us apart from other firms as a better and more flexible employer. 

Mentoring: We believe in success coaching and mentoring for all management to help them grow and succeed. 

Modeling: We believe that finding a model of what works and emulating it.

Quality not quantity: Our annual production will remain within our selected limits to promote personalized service. We would rather have better quality than more quantity. 

Integrity: All of our dealings must be done with the utmost of integrity. 

Fairness: Everyone must get a square deal. All of our dealings must be fair and good for our client, for our company, and the world.

Learning & growth: We will continue our educations to stay at the very forefront of the very best in industry academics. We will strive to anticipate needs so that we can develop services before they are needed. 

Confidentiality: All information received by clients and coworkers will be treated as confidential information, and will always be treated with the utmost of privacy. All employees are under contracts of confidentiality. 

Marketing: We will aggressively seek to expand our company. 

Positivism: If we don't want it, we won't say it. Better results are achieved by focusing on what we want than what we do not want. 

Specificity: We will be meaningful and specific in everything. We will set goals and then develop plans to achieve them. 

Non-Fiduciary Roles: To maintain propriety, no person in the company shall have physical possession of company or customer cash at any time.

Separation: To maintain propriety and promote an alignment of interests, every role within the company will be distanced from its areas of influence to the fullest extent possible. Key Executives will not participate in accounting, Accountants will not have access to any funds, et cetera.

Accountability & Controls: Every role in the company will have other individuals with access to their information & decision-making. Everyone will have accountability.

Redundancy: Every role in the company will be made replaceable, to protect the company, our vacations, our semi-retirement, and to make it easy to strengthen the company by thinning down.

Spero Meliora: Rather than settle for the status quo, we will aspire to greater things. We will be idealistic and expect the unreasonable.

Compensation: We pay support staff nominal flat wages and believe in hiring affordable and grateful virtual assistants. We pay our partners minimal base salaries, and prefer generous compensation to be performance-based to promote alignment of interests. We reward gains and savings, and prefer to pay our value-chain producers very well, in this way. We will accommodate our partners and be flexible in the way their earned compensation is given. 

FIFO: First in, first out. We prioritize our existing deals first, and take time to serve new business only after our existing deals have received first class service.

NAICS & SIC codes

42120102    Farm to market haulage, local
09710201    Hunting preserve
02120000    Beef cattle, except feedlots
02410000    Dairy farms
02419901    Dairy heifer replacement farm
02419902    Milk production
07510102    Dairy herd improvement association service
51430000    Wholesale Trade - Nondurable Goods Dairy products, except dried or canned

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Publicly Traded Comps

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Halydean Revenue Breakdown

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