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The US is both the largest importer of beef, and the largest consumer of beef in the world. This is due to the rising popularity of consuming beef and hamburger.

Dairy cows are also involved in the production of beef. However, unlike a beef cow, a dairy cow produces profit the whole time while she is in "inventory." In order to continue producing milk, every year a milk cow has to have a calf. Through the use of sexed semen and F-1 genetic crosses, Halydean can help to produce a higher quantity of beef cows to help meet the rising demand for quality US beef.

A general list of our farm products & co-products:
-  US Milk Production
-  Traditional Beef Cuts
-  Ground Beef
-  Veal
-  Calves / breeding operations
-  Specialty breeding F1 crosses
-  Hay
-  Silage
-  Corn
-  Beans
-  Grass Fed Beef
-  Clean Water
-  Methane (energy production)
-  Natural Fertilizer


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